About us

Like so many great innovations, PranaCakesTM were born out of necessity. After several days in the hot desert of Burningman, co-founder Ryan Seaman found himself in need of a precise combination of superfoods and adaptogens. Without a blender to make his go-to smoothie, he threw on his I Believe In Pancakes apron (true story) and supplemented his pancake mix accordingly. He and his friends proceeded to indulge in what was unanimously described as “the best pancake ever,” and for weeks to come he received feedback that the energy boost they felt after eating his pancakes was a game changer. BrainCakesTM would soon join the family as Ryan created this alternative mix as a means for optimizing his cognitive function while eliminating caffeine from his daily routine.

It wasn’t until Ryan met co-founder Brian Murphy at a meditation retreat in Hawaii that the essential pieces fell into place to bring PranaCakesTM and BrainCakesTM to the world. Brian’s business acumen combined with Ryan’s knowledge of wellness and nutrition proved to be an ideal partnership. After realizing that most people love pancakes but experience them as unhealthy, Brian and Ryan redesigned the recipe from the ground up, creating organic, plant-based, grain-free and egg-free mixes that are easily digestible, super convenient, and loaded with essential nutrients. Upon discovering imbalanced standards and practices throughout our food industry, it became clear that Living PranaTM is about more than just delicious pancakes. We're about enhancing the vitality of humanity and supporting our planet through consciously cultivated, sustainably sourced, premium-quality functional foods.


With an extensive background in alternative medicine and a passion for holistic health, Ryan has studied, apprenticed, or received certification in massage, yoga, astrology, reiki, Acutonics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and nutrition. Like many who gravitate to the healing path, it was his own dark night of the soul that led Ryan down a very different path than his degree in business had otherwise prepared him.

After nearly dying from a severe mold infestation many years ago, Ryan went on an emergency deep dive to recover his mental and physical health. With the assistance of gifted healers and nutritionists, he slowly regained the balance he had lost. Along the way, Ryan discovered the health-enhancing benefits of functional foods, and explored at length ways he could enhance his body and his brain’s capacity to absorb specific nutrients through unique combinations of superfoods, adaptogens and nootropics. After years of optimizing his own health and that of his clients, the time has come for Ryan to extend his love of serving superfood pancakes beyond his friends and family, and share them with the world!


As a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), Brian has invested in, built, and consulted with entrepreneur-led businesses for more than a decade; helping many entrepreneurs optimize their businesses and create lasting growth for themselves and their customers. Brian’s decision to start his own company was informed not only by his desire to build something that aligned with his passion and purpose, but also a personal health crisis he could no longer ignore.

Throughout his life, Brian struggled with malnutrition, weight issues, digestive discomfort, and as a result, a significant lack of confidence and motivation. At the unhealthiest point of his life, extensively overweight and in a state of physical and emotional distress, Brian reached his breaking point. On a mission to literally save his own life, he committed to radical transformation. Significantly altering his diet and exercise regimen, Brian took on a level of discipline and commitment that allowed him to shed over 65 pounds and rediscover his natural energy and excitement for life. More importantly, he sustained this outcome by maintaining a healthy balance of taking care of his body while indulging responsibly. This process of rebirth unlocked his passion and commitment to enhancing his well-being and inspiring others to do the same.

Functional food pioneers

As functional food pioneers, Living Prana is building a nutritional pyramid on three fundamental tenets: Food as Medicine, Body as Temple, and Earth as Essential. 

  • Food as Medicine – Develop functional foods that promote optimal health, reduce the risk of disease, and supercharge your life.
  • Body as Temple – Utilize the highest-quality, FODMAP-friendly, organic and nutrient-dense ingredients to fuel your body, enhance your mood, and increase your productivity.
  • Earth as Essential – Lead with an Earth-first mindset as we reinvest sales to replenish critical resources, reduce consumption of single-use plastic, and minimize the impact of our ecological footprint.

We’re on a mission to make this world a better place, one pancake at a time.