Food as Medicine

As functional food pioneers aiming to enhance the vitality of humanity, we agree with the greek physician Hippocrates, who said “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” From mental health, to emotional well-being, to feeling balanced in your energy, what you eat has an indelible impact on your quality of life. This is why we infuse our premium-quality ingredients with nutrient-dense superfoods and adaptogens that are USDA Organic, kosher, plant-based, and free from: gluten, grains, GMOs, preservatives, soy, eggs, and dairy. Everything the body needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Body as Temple

Every single body deserves to function optimally, and our mission is to empower people to physically thrive as they indulge in everyday foods that taste and feel amazing. With our FODMAP friendly ingredients, the synergy of superfoods combined with adaptogens provides substantial nutritional value (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, protein, fiber) that not only help sustain the body’s needs, but they can also enhance energy levels, mental fitness and productivity.

Earth as Essential

You are what you eat, and now more than ever what you eat plays a critical part not only in your health, but that of our planet. From our membership with 1% for the Planet, to our upcoming give-back initiatives in the Amazon rainforest, to reducing our carbon footprint in every area of production possible, Living Prana is committed to operating in right relationship with Mother Earth. With every step in our company’s growth, we will maintain our Earth First mindset.

Change is Necessary

The current system of how food is processed, manufactured, and distributed is in serious need of transformation, and we’re committed to being agents in this change. From tackling food scarcity by donating product to homeless shelters, schools and refugee camps, to providing subsidies to low-income families, it is our mission to provide high-quality nutrition to those without access to it.

Integrity is Everything

Our aim is to be fully transparent with our customers and our Living Prana team members. We believe this is the cornerstone of trust, and we are committed to being forthright in every aspect of our business and our mission in the functional food revolution. Our company’s operations will always progress in accordance with the betterment of humankind and the planet as a whole. 



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