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Why Superfoods and Adaptogens?

If you’re like me, you were raised on a diet that consisted of fast-food, cupboards full of empty-calorie snacks, and a penchant to quench your thirst with soda pop or other sugary beverages. This doesn’t make us bad people, but it does lead to a not-so-good gut biome.

The challenge is this: If something tastes good, we want more. If it doesn’t, we don’t. This is basic human nature. What we don't realize is that what tastes "good" to us is a reflection of our gut biome health, which is a product of our existing dietary habits. So what we crave isn't necessarily what our body actually needs. As I like to say, the body craves what it knows, not what it needs.

This is where Living Prana™ comes in to balance the equation. We’re bridging the gap by modifying traditional food favorites with better-for-you ingredients. Our flagship superfood pancakes & waffles, PRANACAKES™ (the raw ingredients of which are pictured above) and BRAINCAKES®, contain a wealth of superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens that are functional foods.

Functional foods are defined as foods that offer health benefits beyond their nutritional value. It's kind of life high-octane fuel. While regular fuel drives the engine of a car, higher octane fuel makes the engine more efficient, burns cleaner and allows the vehicle to operate beyond what normal fuel affords. Superfoods and adaptogens are much the same.

Just like an engine that's been burning lower octane fuel, it will take time before the benefits of higher octane fuel can be optimized. When introducing nutrient-dense superfoods into a digestive system that's accustomed to processed sugars, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients, the taste can be a bit overwhelming at first and the benefits less obvious. Be patient and give it time.

In the short term we recommend adding organic fruit, lower glycemic date syrup, ghee, almond butter and other healthier-for-you toppings that give your belly what it craves while also giving your body what it needs! In the long term, take inventory of what you're eating and whether or not you body is getting any nutritional value from what you're consuming. Eliminate what does not serve, and watch your health improve as excess weight naturally decreases.

As your body adapts to receiving more nutrients and eating less sugar and other unhealthy additives and preservatives, your taste buds will adapt in lock-step. It's amazing to witness. I once had a client who didn't like the taste of water, and therefore refused to drink it. On further inquiry, she realized starting her day with coffee and dairy - and the acidity it created in her gut biome - made anything that alkalized her system taste bad. As she modified her diet and alkalized her system, beginning her day instead with a glass of warm water with lemon, her taste buds shifted and her appreciation for the taste of water returned.

Give yourself time and ease into this. Small changes over time will make make a big difference. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

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