Join a Living Prana Community Activation!

Join a Living Prana Community Activation!

Everything we do is designed to elevate the health and well-being of humanity, help create community and bring the Prana to the people! This includes providing superfood pancake & waffle activations at events nationwide. 

Wherever you are, we want you to join in the Living Prana magic! Be sure to follow this page and stay current with events where we can serve you some cakes!

Upcoming opportunities:

- June 4, 2023 - Heaven on Earth with Shazi Usman and stellar crew in Malibu, CA

- June 22- 24, 2023 - Biohacking Conference with Dave Asprey in Orlando, FL

- August 19, 2023 - PAINKLLR Functional Fitness Event in Venice Beach, CA - 1800 Ocean Front Walk






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